The Ultimate Black Friday List – Total Savings of over $7,000.00!

I’ve searched high and low, and found the best discounts on the web for Black Friday. Each of these links are real, and some or 99% off. I mean, how much more ‘blackfriday’ can you get. You ask: is it really possible to get a Robin Hood Costume normally $5,464 for a mere $34.77? The answer is yes. Possible to get a hat for 99% off? Yes. Check out the list below. Tell your friends! Shop!!

  • Navy Jack Don’t Tread on Me Flag for your Wall, savings of $14.00 !
  • Extra Large Awesome Belt Fanny Pack, for 85 freakin percent off.
  • Nice Stylish Pumpkin Handbag 91% off. Eat that, Great Pumpkin.
  • Boring Womens Olive Top, you save freaking $299.00 , God damn! Get like twenty of them.
  • Badass Mens Luau Cove Sportswear Light Yellow Colored Short Sleeve, Spread Collar, 100% European Washed Linen, Rounded Tail, Men’s Casual Shirt with Two Rear Pleats & Mother of Pearl Buttons, it once was $799 its now $64.95. You save $735.00!!!!!
  • Year Round Robin Hood Costume for a savings of $5,464! That’s 99% off.
  • Squash-Ready Hat, once $5K! Now only $49. 99% off, thats badass
  • Post Thanksgiving Fat Meter, 68% off!
  • Sex and the City Perfume, 89% off smells good to me?
  • Huge Ziploc Bags for Your Sleeping Bags!! Freaking 88% off.
  • Scary Muscle Stimulation Shock Treatment, you save $451.49!!
  • Massive Amount of Dubble Bubble Gum, 82% off, dear god.
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    3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Black Friday List – Total Savings of over $7,000.00!

    1. GOSSIP GIRL #11!!!!! – Don’t You Forget About Me: A Gossip Girl Novel, starting at a PENNY 1C. 1,099% OFF! Good to REad

      “Factory-Reconditioned” Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind and Brew Coffeemaker, Brushed Chrome – SAVE 64% and MORE off, order SOON – limited thing

      nice pans! save 59%

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