365 Days of Denver

They say Denver has 300 sunny days a year.

This is true, and its so hot and dry too- mind is blown.  I had the worst preconceptions about Denver.  A winter wonderland. Wrong.  This place’s weather confuses me to much I have arrived at the lowest common denominator of clothing.  A pair of jeans, t-shirt, hoodie.  Also this seems to be the dress code at my new gig at Shutterstock, so its all good.  But seriously though, I have car damage from the May 8th hail storm.  Read about how insane it was: Hail Hits Denver Hard  There are tornados here too.  (cool)

This town has a great scene for tech.  I spent some time at Galvanize on Platt, and was happy to see this activity in Denver for startups and corporations alike. Its definitely fun to be an entrepreneur in this town – a lot of potential.   I plan to put more time into Dogolog and Beekman33 now that I’m a bit more settled. Also advising on a few ventures – we’ll see how it pans out.

Northfield.  Stapleton.  This place is crazy awesome, weird, and brand new.  Check out this ridiculous real estate video of what they are planning around me:

This city is exploding.  I could imagine in 50 years a skyline like Dubai emerges, covering the mountains – why not.  This place is great, and everyone is moving here. Like the entire world.  I meet folks from all over the country.  Also I like that everything is walkable – its designed that way which I like after my departure from Prospect Heights.

But its also bizarro weird.  Like futuristic-city on Rama, with Pleasantville/Levitown feel, with people choosing to live closer, and more vertical.  Park Slope had something right.  There is something great about spontaneity, bumping into people.  Real neighbors – sometimes its better to live almost on top of eachother.

I’m not a fan of the big box stores across the way, but they got things right about Stanley Market.  That place needs a subway stop, and it could be the next Greenpoint Brooklyn Flea.


This weekend the Denver Arts Festival is in town.  Its basically on my lawn. A great selection of artists with my favorite being Pam Spika


I really enjoy her stuff.

What’s up next?  I’m hitting the Telluride Jazz Festival in June.  Camping and Macy Gray.  It’ll be so ‘Telluride’.  I actually have no clue what Telluride is like – can’t wait to check out the town.

Denver folks: I’m putting together a happy hour at Union Station in a few weeks.  I want to bring together everyone I met in the last 365 days.

Things are good. Family is good. And Bailey is good.  See you soon.

Stay classy Denver.










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