Arrived in Denver

I’ve arrived.

Here’s the quick update on my move to Denver. So far, it’s been pretty eventful. I’m getting to know LoDo at my AirBnB at Brooks Tower – the tallest building in Denver (in 1968).   This area is in walking distance to museums, theaters, restaurants, and parks. It’s a management city, which is new to me after NY and LA.

I admit. I miss Brooklyn. I miss the density of people, the uniqueness of all the stores (Mayo shops, ha), and spontaneity the city has. And I’d admit I miss the bike path off Venice Beach in California. Nothing beats a commute to work via skateboard.

However, I’m finding pieces of it everywhere in Denver and Boulder.


Random Notables:

  • Sie Film Center – Attended the premiere of film about the life of the makers of Star Wars toys in the early 1980s.
  • Pirates’ Cove Waterpark.  Spectacular.
  • REI (Starbucks) its a good one
  • Eldorado Springs – amazing hikes and views.  Great water.
  • Denver Mart Drive-In , saw Finding Dory.

At this point we are a few months away from moving to Stapleton, home is not complete yet but getting there.   Its nice to have the dust settling a bit, but I look forward to autumn when we can truly unpack. 😉






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