I’m Moving to Denver, Here’s Why

Guess what? I’m moving my family to Denver next month and I couldn’t be more excited.  It seems like yesterday I was packing up my things from Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights, and heading to sunny SoCal.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  Its been an adventure on the west coast, but right now the mountains are calling my name.  Here is why Denver is great for me:

  1. Quality of life, great for my family. US News rates it #1 for a best place to live
  2. Balance. I’m used to the untiring pace of NY and LA.  This town will be a welcome down-shift, while not losing the excitement and energy a city needs
  3. Restaurants, Clubs, Museums, and Breweries galore
  4. Mountains. I am an avid snowboarder, and I’m a short drive to some of the best ski towns in America.  Not to mention I’ll have easy access to breathtaking hikes in the Summer.
  5. Dog-friendly.  This town will be heaven for Bailey my ten year old CKCS
  6. Red Rocks Amphitheater –  Could be the best concert venue on the planet.
  7. Clyfford Still Museum, a whole museum dedicated to the godfather of Abstract Impressionism
  8. Bastiens home of the Sugar Steak.
  9. Stapleton.  The former airport is now reborn into an urban-suburban city of new families.  My daughter will love the multitude of playgrounds, schools, and bands of kids.
  10. Huge growth in the Denver startup and tech scene.  With Boulder next door, there is a vibrant community that I can’t wait to part of. On that note, I’m on the market for new career opportunities in Denver.  I’d love to speak to you further if this piques your interest. My experience ranges from digital product, strategy, to cloud computing – I can fit into a variety of roles.

So I move in early May.  Yes next month!  To get there, I will be driving across country with a few stops – Sedona and a place called the Grand Canyon.  It should be an adventure for the four of us (@furryfourlegs, @lanetanne, and Lily).

Will there be a going away party?  Yes! This will actually be the SD edition (we had an LA shindig already).  April 30 Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego.  Hope to see you there.

– Colin



*photo borrowed from Hilton website :p


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