Nubee: The Making of The Information Quarterback (full interview)

Working Together

Colin: How did you work together?

Troy: We did two or three hours of planning before we started to design or do anything. We had a whiteboard on the wall and we were drawing the list of everything that we needed to do. Why do we need to do this app and why is it good?

Lily: We also have pictures of that too. One of the goals was to win.

The Creative Process

Colin: So do you feel in the creative process that in the deadline, number one, and second the will to win and look at processes around the table, does the intersection of all that create the product. If you had three weeks, would the product be as good?

Troy: I don’t think so. I think drinking 15 Red Bulls really makes a good product. That’s what I like about Hackathon. You only have the weekend to finish. The adrenaline really helps.


Lily: Your coach really pushes you.

Colin: It’s an interesting thing that happens when you have a deadline and you have to come up with a product no matter what. That’s when the ultimate creativity comes out. A lot of problems in product design is that it goes on forever. No one knows when to stop or when to add to many features or this and that so I find your app is a great example of solving a simple need. Did you see it like that?

Lily: Yes! Four of us actually don’t know anything about football.

The Tech

Colin: What were the run-times, where was it hosted, and what APIs did you use?

Lucas: It was hosted locally, I did a Python back end using flask. It’s a really easy server frame work. In iOS we use swift. We use the Alchemy text recognition API.

Colin: I love the idea of the anatomy of the app and how it came to be. If you were to describe the app, how would you describe it?

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