Nubee: The Making of The Information Quarterback (full interview)

NUBEE Screenshot.png

Don’t understand a thing about football, and want cheer (correctly) with the crowd ?  No problem. Finally an app for newbies is on the horizon called Nubee.  Winning the Girls in Tech’s Super Football App Challenge presented by ESPNw, the creators utilized IBM Watson to power a click iOS app. I had the opportunity to interview the team last week, and was able to find out how they built this 1st place app in one weekend, and what inspired them. 

Check out the Girls’ In Tech video below: 


Colin: Before you walk me through the story. Please introduce yourself:

Lily: I was the UX designer for our team. I am currently a UX designer at This is something I do for fun, something to do on the side. I’ve been to about 5 hackathons before. I’ve won one of the hackathon challenges at the World Apps Hackathon, which was at the IoT conference.


Lucas: I’m currently in High School. I’m an iOS Developer, but since we didn’t have a backend person, I did our backend in Python. I won about 10 prizes in 12 hackathons, including some from big companies like IBM, Mastercard and Capital One hackathons.

Troy: I’m an iOS developer, been freelancing for a few years. I met Lucas and I started going again to hackathons.

The Idea

Colin: Let’s talk about what led to your idea and how your team formed around the idea.

Lucas: I met Troy almost every day at a Hacking house. We’re thinking of ideas. I don’t know anything about football, so I thought, “What product would I use”. I thought about APIs and IBM Watson first. I came up with an idea to explain a football game. I pitched on Friday when we were searching for groups. Later I met Devin, but he didn’t seem to like the idea that much. Devin talked to Lily, I talked to Lily about a hackathon we went to—Angel Hack. We won two prizes and she remembered that. She decided to join because she loved that game!

Lily: That’s why I joined. I didn’t know anything about football either. I saw Lucas’ last Hackathon game idea and loved it so much I decided I wanted to join his team this time! Seeing as two designers is always better than one, we were lucky to have Devin who is a great visual designer join us. Troy & Lucas knew each other from previous hackathons and Demir joined us because his brother knew Lucas. So that’s how we formed our team.

Colin: What led you to go to the ESPN Hackathon? You guys aren’t sports fanatics. I personally am not a sports fanatic. I understand football, but are you guys just not into football, or not into any sports?

winning moemment3


Lucas: I’m not into any sports. But I go to the ESPN Hackathon. The Hackathon is my sport. I think it will be a future e-sport!

Lily: I’m more of a Winter sports fan. For me, Hackathons is a hobby of mine. I get to meet and work with other talented engineers such as Lucas, Troy & Demir and push myself to design within their constraints while building my skills

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