CES 2016 Wrap-up Top Ten Cool Products


Las Vegas is a dizzying town.  Layer in CES, and it is a test of putting your blinders on to pay attention to what is most interesting.   What actually has staying power, and pushes the envelope?   The deep trends I saw this year are around IoT Homes, Drones, and Wearables. I’m passionate about IoT, especially when my CEO is talking about the next era of computing – how cognitive will transform everything.  CES isn’t just about products, but what is powering these products (check out Ginni Rometty’s Keynote at CES )

Also to note, is the rapid prototyping coming out of Shenzhen .  Its easier than ever to move fast with physical/IoT product design.  If you can imagine it, it can happen pretty fast.   Here are my favorites, and a laundry list of other stand-outs.



Top Ten

  1. MooreDoll – IoT Teddy Bear    https://vimeo.com/118000867
  2. WiFi Sous Vide  http://anovaculinary.com/
  3. Wearable Translator  http://iamili.com/
  4. Speedify App http://www.speedify.com
  5. Color Catching Stylus  http://www.mozbii.com/
  6. Remix OS / Android on PC  http://www.jide.com/en/remixos
  7. Passenger Drone  http://www.ehang.com/
  8. Micro-3D Printer $349 www.printm3d.com
  9. Silent Bird Drone  www.mybionicbird.com
  10. Starling Word-tracking Child Monitor  http://www.versame.com/



Not a Purse Its a Speaker.png

These aren’t purses, they are speakers.


IoT Bear Interface.png

IoT Bear Interface, using the stuffed animal’s paws.


IoT Duck.png

IoT Duck – They new toddler wireless joystick for apps?

Smart Lock.png

Smart Lock

Other Products of Note

iphone Dock DeskLights http://www.tlight.cc/en/class_s3.asp

Eye Massager? https://www.foreo.com/iris

Body Fat Scanner http://www.skulpt.me/chisel/

HDMI Switcher http://skreens.com/

Super Remote https://www.savant.com/

Yitoka WiFi Door Bell www.yiroka.com

Owlet SmartSock https://www.owletcare.com

Innovative Breast Pump http://www.freemie.com/

Haiku Home https://www.haikuhome.com/

IoT Child Monitor http://www.mybuddytag.com/

pCloud Storage http://pcloud.com

Foldable Drone – Byrd http://www.prodrone-tech.com/
WiFi Security and Camera http://www.smanos.com/us
Camera Drone http://www.szsungreen.com
Underwater Drone – Seawolf http://www.thundertiger.com
Micro-3D Printer $349 www.printm3d.com
Wearable Baby Monitor http://us.snuza.com/
Selfie Robot – Personal Photographer http://www.unigear.net/#!selfie-robot/cr4e
Autel Smart Flight Drone http://www.autelrobotics.com/
Touch Sensitive Door Handles – Tesla http://interlinkelectronics.com/
Mota Drones http://mota.com/drone
HD Capture Sunglasses http://www.aviwear.com/
Industrial 3D Printer http://www.flashforge-usa.com/

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