The Shallows with Nicholas Carr

The Shallows, originally uploaded by beekman33.

I’m listening to Nicholas Carr read an excerpt from his book The Shallows. It’s very good, and I am enjoying his sincere tone on the subject. We should take a good look at how information overload is actually rewiring our brain. But think of this irony, as he is preaching the horrors of information overload to the captivated audience, half the crowd is nodding their heads in agreement, yet multi-tasking on their devices.

  • Is GPS making us stupid?
  • Is google making us stupid?
  • How much, is too much for humans?
  • While I am overly wired personally, I find that I need to meditate a few times a week to keep my sanity. Carr raises some great points, and I definitely will check out his book.


  • “Information overload has become a permanent affliction”
  • “We’re losing the ability to balance between efficient data collection and inefficient contemplation.”
  • “The great feature of the book is that there is nothing else going on.”
  • We learn through rewards and the web is built on a strong reward system which keeps us connecting more and more.
  • Twitter distracts to the point where it takes over the mind. Creates mode of thinking that follows in offline.
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