What is Twitter Evolving To? A Chat w/ Evan Williams of Twitter (wow, what a flat interview)


I am at the SXSW keynote for Twitter’s Evan Williams. Here are some live notes/take-aways (I feel like they are jittery and nervous! Lots of people here.

  • At twitter, he says its an information network rather than a social network. You can take advantage of twitter without being a sharer, but as a follower
  • “Open-ness is a big value of twitter, which is actually pretty hard to do when you grow fast”
  • Assume there are more smart people outside your company, than inside
  • Open-ness is a survival mechanism , is it giving the golden goose away?
  • If twitter is an information network, how do you add value?
  • Note: the interview is coming off pretty dry…

  • Control & Regulation – Will twitter be like apple, such as an app store? Evan mentions that open-ness is also something to be careful with. Twitter sends cease and desist letters daily to spam-mechanism software vendors etc.
  • Some interesting uses of twitter, someone sent a note as a thanks from Chilean earthquake victims. Ability to use SMS makes it very widespread. You don’t need a smartphone, and don’t need a data plan.
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