Listen to your JPGs and Word Docs, and Excel Files!

I stumbled upon this thread somehow (don’t ask), and brought me back to a trick I did years ago. The folks in this forum are talking about taking raw data, and interpreting it into a wave file. You can imagine what a mess this would be with a Randomizing number generator -> Noise, lol. Quite entertaining really. These folks hooked it up to a mouse? Wow. Well back in the day, there was a program called Goldwave that allowed you to drag any format into the program for audio editing. Not sure how popular it is now, but it was quite funny. I would pull a termpaper.doc file and see how it sounded. Sometimes it was pretty useful in terms of a sample, or sound bite for a late 90’s techno song. (Techno needed tech noises to be consider techno back then, I guess…Utah Saints??) I should find out if anybody is doing this now. What would a GIG, PDF, DOCX, or .VBS file sound like? Post it!

by Extra Ketchup
Image by Chris_Carter


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