5 Powerful Tips For Twitter Users, Newbies and Gurus Alike

Now with Twitter being such a popular platform, I wanted to make a quick list of best practices for all explore. At first glance, the twitterverse is overwhelming and difficult to master. With these tips, I hope to help ease-of-use of this great technology, and perhaps give the powerusers something to consider.

Top Five Tips for Twitter Users (basics, and advanced)

1. When you enter text in the “What are you doing” field, you are Tweeting. This jargon is used in many ways like “tweets,” “I just tweeted,” or “can you tweet that?”

2. If you see something that is interesting to your followers, you can ‘retweet’ by using “RT” before your post. An example would be: RT @Interesting_person I love food!

3. If you disagree with someone’s tweet, you simply retweet their message upside down. I use a simple tool called Flip. Here is an example of it in action, you would simply write: RT @Interesting_person ¡ɥɔnɯ os pooɟ ǝʌol ı
. This would be clear to @Interesting_person that you disagree with his/her tweet.

4. You can auto-repeat your tweets for added attention by using the programming language Lisp. After you tweet, just use parenthesis to create a small recursive call. Something like: “RT (defun RT(x) (if (> x 1)(* x (RT (- x 1)))1)) @Interesting_person Hey there! Hows it going, I think I will eat a sandwich.” Remember to close your parenthesis for the function to work.

5. Make sure to keep your account fresh! Many folks don’t realize that after 3 days of no tweets, your account will be suspended. You will see the following logo on your screen from the ASFB org:


I hope this helps! I use these all the time, and it certainly has assisting me in the past few months. Spread the word!


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