Creativity Flows Down the Gowanus

So I checked out The Gowanus Creative Sessions over the weekend and was great.  I was in the mood to check out

some music, and thank god a stumbled upon the best search known to man (maybe).  Its on myspace of all places.  This local search on Myspace lets you search bands that range from U2 playing at the garden, to garage dubstep DJ’s, and folks just playing out of their living room – depends whatever is close to you.  So for me, I found a true underground concert -and yes it was in a small living room (we had to take off our shoes too).   Most notable was SOCE , this guy can RHYME.  Great with audience participation, and great short-form freestyling.  Definitely check out his single “The Master”  – great stuff.

Another great band is Arturo en el Barco, video below:


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